Auto Kerato-Refractometer / Auto Refractometer KR-800/RM-800
KR-800/RM-800 Premium Value Based Upon 60 Years' experience

Topcon is proud to introduce the new KR-800 & RM-800 Auto Kerato/Refractometers both of which incorporate the very latest in design technology & ergonomics. The units features a bright, new 8.5 inch color touchscreen panel to control the main functions and an improved joystick operation due to a 23% reduction in weight from the previous models. Topcon systems have been renowned for their accuracy due to the proven Rotary Prism Technology. These new units feature this technology as well, so you take confidence, that accurate and stable measurements will be the norm.
With over 60 years’ experience, Topcon is always striving to deliver the very best in terms of instrumentation which always reflects the best in design, functionality & accuracy, allowing our customers to have confidence in their investment.

Simple to use

Wide 8.5-inch Touchscreen Control Panel

wide 8.5 inch color touchsscreen panel

The new KR-800/RM-800 is equipped with a wide 8.5 inch color touchscreen panel featuring clear, easy to read icons allowing the operator full control of the unit during the measuring process.

Smooth Movements

smooth movements

Topcon’s ability to engineer a weight reduction of approximately 23% has contributed to a smoother operation of the unit when using the X-Y control lever. This all contributes to a more fluid measuring process and a more accurate end result.

One Touch Lock & Easy Load Printer

one touch lock,easy load printer

One Touch Lock
Both new instruments are fitted with a quick and easy to use lock.

Easy Load Printer
The printer on the new units saves you time by eliminating the need to load new printer rolls. You simply drop the new roll in and print.  

Unique Technology & Networking Ability

Unparalleled Accuracy

rotary prizm

The unique* Rotary Prism Technology, exclusive of Topcon, allows for unparalleled precision and reliability. This system measures a wider area of the retina while permitting measurements through pupils as small as 2mm in diameter.

*The off-centered ring target can cover areas that may be occluded by a small pupil.
 The angle of the prism enables a wider area of  the retina to be measured.

System Chart

system chart


  KR-800 RM-800
Objective Refractometer Mode Sphere Range -25D to+22D (0.12D/0.25D steps)*
Cylinder Range 0D to ±10D (0.12D/0.25D steps)*
Axis Range 0° to 180° (1°/ 5° steps)
Minimum Measurable Pupil Diameter  φ2 mm
Corneal Curvature Mode Corneal Curvature Radius 5.00 to 10.00mm(0.01mm step)                                 

Corneal Refraction 67.50D to 33.75D (0.12D/0.25D steps)
(where, corneal refractive power =1.3375)
Corneal Astigmatism 0D to ±10D (0.12D/0.25D steps)
Corneal Astigmatism Axial Angle 0° to 180° ( 1°/ 5°steps)
PD Measurement Range 20mm to 85mm(0.5 mm step)
Input/Output USB (input) /RS-232C (output) /  LAN (output)
Dimensions 317-341mm (W) × 521-538mm (D) × 447-477 mm (H)
Weight 15kg
Power Supply 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 30-70VA
※-25D ≦ spherical refractive power + cylindrical refractive power or spherical refractive power + cylindrical refractive power ≦ +22D

Printed Data


A complete printout of the acquired data is available at the touch of a button.
The operator can choose among three print data formats:

1. ALL:   Prints out all measurements  (up to 10 readings per eye);
2. AVE:   Prints out an averaged value for all measurements;
3. CLASSIC:  Outputs data of all (up to 10) measurements for both eyes and the results of 1 measurement and the average measured value of horizontal and vertical corneal curvature for both eyes.

The general addition and estimated near PD value can be printed out.