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EZ Meter EZ-200 Advance

  • Easy Operation
  • Automatic Lens Type Detection
  • Meets 1so 8598 sphere Accuracy Requirements*
  • Progressive Map Display

1.Place Eyeglasses!

Simply place the eyeglasses into the EZ-200 Advance.

2.Push the Button!

Just the push of one button will start the fully automated positioning, alignment and measurement of the eyeglasses.

3.Obtain Measurement Results!

All measurement data will be automatically displayed on the EZ-200 Advance. If required, a prodressive map can also be displayed.

EZ-200 Advance

Automatic Lens Type Detection

The EZ-200 Advance automatically detects three different types of lenses and switches the display accordingly.

Single Vision Eyeglassess

Single Vision Eyeglasses

Data is displayed in easyto-read large characters.

Bifocal Eyeglasses

Bifocal Eyeglasses

The clear layout of the display screen enhances visibility of the data.

Progressive Eyeglasses

Progressive Eyeglasses

Measurement results for progressive glasses are displayed in easy-to-read maps, indicating far, near and the progressive area.


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