RED-tech 800
RED-tech EX
RED-tech II
RED-tech EDMs

High precision reflectorless measurement from 30cm / 1ft.
RED-tech reflectorless EDMs are acclaimed for high-precision pinpoint accuracy and the flexibility to measure from distances as close as 30cm (1ft.). With the ultra narrow measuring beam, RED-tech EDMs perform accurate reflectorless measurement of building corners, telephone / electrical wires, manholes, and even through net fences.

RED-tech 800
The RED-tech 800 EDM incorporates the new optical design, the enhanced signal processing algorithm, as well as the ultra-high signal modulation frequencies of up to 468.75MHz. The RED-tech 800 provides measurement accuracy of 1.5mm + 2ppm with 360° prisms or standard prisms, and 2mm + 2ppm without a reflector.
It measures up to 800m (2,620ft.) without a reflector. The reflectorless measurements of up to 1,000m (3,280ft.) range is possible when the brightness at object surface is 500 lux or less, regardless of ambient brightness conditions.

RED-tech EX
RED-tech EX performs fast, stable measurements with an extended measurement range of 500m (1,640ft.). Further refined signal processing technology offers greater stability and fewer constraints. Using prisms RED-tech EX can measure up to 10,000m (32,800ft.) and 500m (1,640ft.) with convenient reflective sheet targets.

RED-tech II
The enhanced RED-tech II EDM provides pinpoint precision in reflectorless measurement in a range of up to 400m (1,310ft.). With refined digital signal processing algorithms, the latest version in the Series50RX total stations reduced variation of reflectorless measurement time due to the ranges and object types by 30 percent compared to the previous EDM. Consistent, high-speed measurement eliminates operator's stress and increases overall productivity.

Single beam for measuring and pointing

RED-tech uses the same ultra-narrow beam for pointing and measuring, meaning you measure exactly what you see.

Optimized beam for all types of targets

RED-tech EDMs incorporate a single laser diode for its signal source. The laser beam diameter and the output level are automatically optimized according to the target types. In the prism and reflective sheet mode, the beam spreads wider and laser output level is reduced to Class 1 equivalent 0.22mW.

Long range distance measurement with prisms and reflective sheet targets

With a single AP prism, RED-tech 800 and RED-tech EX measure up to 6,000m (19,680ft.) and up to 10,000m (32,800ft.) with triple prisms*1.
RED-tech II measures to 5,000m (16,400ft.) with 1 AP prism*1.
Convenient reflective sheet targets can be used for measurements up to 500m (1,640ft)*2
*1 Under good conditions
*2 With RS90N-K

RED-tech EDMs
The ultra-narrow laser beam enables accurate measurements through obstacles such as chain-link fences and tree branches.

Broader beam models:
Both the fence and wall get measured, which leads to erroneous measurement.

RED-tech EDMs
The measuring beam is extremely narrow, allowing distances to walls and corners to be measured with pinpoint accuracy.

Broader beam models:
A wide measuring beam hits points near and far at the same time, resulting in inaccurate measurement.

RED-tech EDMs
Measurements at small incident angles, such as with manholes on the road surface, are handled with high precision by the ultra-narrow laser measuring beam.

Broader beam models:
Wider measuring beams end up covering a lager area than expected at small incident angles, resulting in measurements that are too long or too short.


The SFX "Sokkia Field-info Xpress" technology conveniently transfers data to anywhere in the world using an internet-capable mobile phone or a Compact Flash modem.

Easily exchange survey and design data between the jobsite and the office.

* Consult your local telecoms operator for proper equipment and/or connectivity requirements.

SOKKIA FREESTYLE 360° Powered by your Imagination

Get the SRX with its unique on-demand remote control for the flexibility to get the job done under any circumstance. Dynamic unrivaled speed. Freedom of complete control. Experience the difference.

Freely configure the prism, RC-Controller and data collector using range poles and pin poles to create your own pole system.

Fast prism lock lets you move freely around the jobsite and take measurements from anywhere at any time.

SOKKIA FREESTYLE 360° gives you the freedom of a completely new style of surveying.


Bluetooth® wireless technology is the latest in wireless data transmission technology. It began with use in mobile phones, car navigation and computers as it provides license-free communication between multiple electronic peripheral devices.

Bluetooth helps to improve the operability of surveying instruments by providing wireless communication between total station and data collectors, and GPS receivers and controllers.

Bluetooth wireless technology uses frequencies in the range of 2.4GHz, and a maximum of 3Mbps can be transferred.

When using Bluetooth enabled instruments for the first time, both devices must agree to communicate with each through what is called pairing. Pairing is completed by entering the address with which you want to establish a connection and then entering the same "passkey" on both devices. Once two devices have been paired, a connection can be established either automatically or semi-automatically.

Bluetooth is separated in different classes according to signal strength. The transmission ranges vary according to output level. Normal data collectors and total stations communicate using Class 2 (less than 2.5mW, maximum 10m transmission range). Communication between total stations and prism-side data collectors is performed using Class 1 (less than 100mW) with a transmission range of 100 to 300 meters.

The same as with regular radios, transmission range is hindered by obstacles in the path of transmission. Bluetooth is vulnerable to interference from concrete and metallic obstacles.

* Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.