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Eye Care

For nearly 70 years, Topcon has specialized in eye care, improving human eye health through innovations in examination, diagnosis, and treatment.
Today, as a result of both rapid population growth and aging, we are seeing increased cases of major eye illness, skyrocketing medical costs, and a shortage of physicians.
Aiming to resolve these problems, Topcon has applied ICT (Information Communication Technology) to eye care screening and prognosis management in order to promote early detection, early treatment, and remote diagnosis, thereby reducing overall medical costs.
By expanding to prognostic management, Topcon is working to create new value for the future, contributing to the formation of an enriched society that will enable people to enjoy a high quality of life.

Eye Care business domain

Ophthalmic Instruments

Ophthalmic Instruments

Prolonged exposure to harmful effects blue light in the workplace, the increasingly aging population, increased vision impairment rates of caused by systemic disease, and diseases of the eye have become more prevalent throughout the world. Early-stage diagnosis and treatment are especially important for "glaucoma", "diabetic retinopathy" and "age-related macular degeneration", the 3 major causes of blindness. In addition, the ocular fundus is the only part of the body where the microcirculation can be observed directly. Eye examinations have become increasingly important in detecting lifestyle diseases such as atherosclerosis and high blood pressure helping to enhance quality of life and maintain overall health. Eye Care business will contribute to the patient's QOV (Quality of Vision) by providing early detection and early treatment with effective eye disease screening, and Topcon will continue to support advanced eye examinations and treatment through development of leading edge instruments.

Ophthalmic IT Solutions

IT Solution

Ophthalmology examinations require a significant number of complex testing steps, typically resulting in the generation of massive amounts of imaging and test data. As a comprehensive manufacturer of ophthalmological devices, Topcon pioneered the industry's first image filing system. This system has been installed in numerous university hospitals and clinics, becoming the total data solution for eye examinations.
Topcon is now expanding beyond the field of ophthalmology, contributing to the efficiency of full medical examinations by linking with hospital information systems and local medical networks.

Refraction Instruments

Refraction Instruments

Topcon has developed a vision tester system in which eyeglasses shops can simulate each customers lifestyle scenes when testing their corrected vision. The system helps the stores to provide customers the vision they would feel comfortable with. In addition to assisting in vision testing consultations, Topcon also offers lens edgers that accommodate for lens processing in fashionable frames, thereby contributing to the satisfaction of both customer and store.