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The mission of the Positioning business is simple: Automate the two largest industries in the world - construction and agriculture. Our GNSS, machine control, and precision agriculture systems combined with Topcon Enterprise Solutions - our collaborative, cloud-enabled data and site management software systems - are making this a reality.
The technological background is based on the machine control technology purchased in 1994 and the GPS technology we acquired in 2000.
Our "World's First" technologies, which include high-speed precision grading, hybrid GNSS positioning systems with sub-centimeter accuracy, and advanced crop sensing and nutrition application control, are setting new standards for productivity and conservation.

technological background


GNSS image

Topcon GNSS instruments and software continue to improve the productivity and meet the growing demands of the surveying, civil engineering, construction, and other precision users worldwide. Our GNSS receivers were the world's first to fully employ multi-constellation reception and now are the only ones to use Universal Tracking channel technology, automatically ensuring optimum reception of all GNSS satellite signals.


Machine control system

Construction automation depends upon Topcon high-precision GPS, total stations, motion sensors and equipment control technology to enable grading and excavation based on pre-configured 3D design data that creates accurate work regardless of the operator's level of skill. Automation increases productivity, conserves energy, resolves labor shortages, reduces costs, and contributes to reducing the environmental load by reducing CO2 emissions. The use of IT also enables real-time project management and data sharing at every phase of a project.
Topcon machine control technology is driving automation throughout the civil engineering market.

Precision Agriculture

IT Agriculture

Our IT agriculture solutions bring efficiency and productivity to virtually every phase of the farming operation, which help alleviate global food supply concerns and improve environmental quality with waste reduction. It is our objective to bring IoT (Internet of Things) solutions into the ag business that will link all the mechanics of farming to provide a workflow automation framework.
Topcon IT agriculture solutions span the scope of the entire farming operation to provide the tools necessary to achieve sustainable and profitable agriculture.

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