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Smart Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure business provides world leading, highly advanced positioning products by incorporating innovative technologies such as leading-edge GPS, laser and image analysis technologies based on the optical technology Topcon has fostered since its beginning.
In addition, numerous large-scale infrastructure investments are being planned in the emerging country markets that are Smart Infrastructure business main markets, and this can be expected to create significant business opportunities.


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Infrastructure development for enriched and developing societies require productive and practical use of space as the world becomes more densely populated. Surveying equipment is vital to achieving accurate measurements of positioning information that will enable the efficient use of space and resources. Topcon boasts a large share of the global market. Our total station product series offers a diverse lineup to meet customer needs.

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3D Measurement

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Topcon provides three types of solutions for mass data capture: mobile, terrestrial and aerial. Our mobile mapping system is capable of acquiring roadside 3D data and video, and multi-angle, high-precision, high-density 3D data. Our laser scanner provides high-speed acquisition of non-contact, high-precision data applicable for wide range of applications. Topcon also offers high-accuracy aerial mapping according to user-defined areas, altitudes and photo intervals. Data created by Topcon technologies can be integrated for road construction and repairs, maintenance of large-scale structures such as bridges and dams, waterway surveys, the analysis of disaster areas and accident sites, and repairs to and digitalization of archaeological sites and historical buildings.

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