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Development Facilities

The Topcon Group had developed a global business network with overseas net sales accounting for over 70% of all Topcon sales.
With a constant eye on the market, Topcon applies its global development network and creative ideas towards developing world's No.1 and world's first products. This commitment enables Topcon to be the first to turn the latent needs of our customers from a concept to a reality.

Topcon's development facilities

Topcon Corporation

Topcon Corporation

Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan

Topcon conducts fundamental research and development in all our business segments.

Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.

Topcon Positioning Systems

California, USA

Development of GNSS instruments, machine control systems, and supporting software solutions.

Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.

Topcon Medical SystemsNew Jersey, USA

TABIL (Topcon Advanced Biomedical Imaging Laboratory) develops the advanced ophthalmic devices technology.

Topcon Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

New Jersey, USA

Business planning, software development for the global marketplace in OCT technology and IT solutions.

Topcon Medical Laser Systems, Inc.

California, USA

Development of laser photocoagulation systems for treatment of eye care.

ClearEdge3D, Inc.

Virginia, USA

Develops 3D modeling software.

Topcon Technology Center

Topcon Technology Center

Moscow, Russia

Development of GNSS receivers, antennas, radios, and software.

Topcon Agriculture Americas, LLC


Wisconsin, USA

Development of agricultural solutions involving weight sensors and control systems for feeding, planting, fertilizer, and harvest equipment.

Topcon Technology Ltd.


Gloucestershire, UK
Development of agricultural solutions.

Topcon Agriculture Canada, Inc.

Saskatchewan, Canada
Development of ultrasonic sensing and boom control technology for agriculture.

Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc. Columbus Office

Ohio, USA
Development of software for surveying and mapping.

Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc. Calgary Office

Calgary, Canada
Development of software for surveying and mapping.

Topcon Healthcare Solutions EMEA Oy

Oulu, Finland
Development for eye cloud solutions.

DynaRoad Oy

Helsinki, Finland
Development of project management software specifically designed for large-scale construction projects

ThunderBuild BV

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Develops software related to logistics management, with a primary focus in the asphalt market, as well as additional applications that pertain to the transport of bulkmaterials.

Topcon Electronics GmbH & Co. KG


Geisenheim, Germany

Development of in-cabin mounted consoles for agricultural, construction and other off-highway equipment.

Tierra S.p.A.

Turin, Italy
Development of web-based remote asset management solutions.

Topcon InfoMobility S.r.l.

Modena, Italy
Development of telematics-related.


Ancona, Italy
Development of software for GNSS, GIS, monitoring and total station applications

Mirage Technologies S.L.

Valencia, Spain
Development of 3D Mass Data Visualization Software

Viasys VDC Oy

Espoo, Finland
Development of Virtual Design & Construction software products

Topcon Precision Agriculture Pty Ltd.

South Australia, Australia
Development of precision agriculture.

Topcon Positioning Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Queensland, Australia
Development of machine control software.