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Optical Coherence Tomography 3D OCT-1 (Type:Maestro2)

  • Fully-automatic OCT with simple finger touch
  • Rich analysis and report functions
  • Reliable assistance for scanning
  • High quality, high resolution OCT and color fundus image
  • Seamless network solution
  • Compact footprint and flexible layout
  • OCT Angiography

Full-auto Capturing

3D OCT-1 Maestro requires nothing more than to touch the capture icon and [Start Capture] button. Alignment, focus, optimizing, and capturing are performed in automatic procedure. After the capturing, report can be immediately displayed by clicking on the icon.

Ease of Use for Capturing Small Pupils

OCT-LFV image, which is a live projection image with reflection at retina, will show the live Fundus image clearly even in cases of smal pupilis. Disc, retinal vesseles and scanning position is very easy to see.

OCT Functionalities

  • For Macula

- 5 Line Cross Scan

- 3D Macula Analysis

- Line Scan

- Radial Scan

  • For Glaucoma

- 3D Wide Scan (12mm × 9mm)

- 3D Macula(V) Glaucoma Analysis

- 3D Disc Analysis

Hood report is now available. This innovative report simplifies and accelerates the decision-making process through the correlation of structure(GCC/RNFL) with function(overlay of Visual Field test locations).


Follow-up function

While dense data cubes provide registration between repeat volume scans of a 45 degree area using a Topcon OCT, some prefer only localized areas to be captured. For this purpose, tracking has been introduces to the Maestro2 to facilitate repeat localized follow-up.


High Quality / High Resolution OCT and Color Fundus Photography

50,000 A-scans/sec. speed produces fine B scan and smooth 3D graphics, which facilitates the observation of pathology form and condition on each layers. High quality color fundus photography gives fundamental and additional information. The OCT and color fundus can be said to be the inseparable combination for daily diagnosis.

Flexible Rayout

Maestro2 is incorporated with flexible touch panel monitor. This allows you to operate the machine with supporting patient as side or from the back. Futhermore it allows to optomize the practice room by setting against the wall or in the corner.

OCT Angiography

OCT Angiogprahy is a novel and non-invasive imaging technique to visualize the microvascular network. The optional Angiography module offers non-invasive observation of the microvascular structures reducing the need for conventional fluorescein angiography.


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