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Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera TRC-NW8 Series

  • Multi Functional Retinal Camera
  • Lower Flash Intensity
  • Easy to Use
  • Continuous Shooting Function
  • Auto Focus & Auto Shoot
  • Auto Small Pupil Detection
  • Compact Design

TRC-NW8 Series

With the TRC-NW8 Series it is possible to capture not only Color, Red-free, Fluorescein angiography, but also Fundus AutoFluorescein to answer all your needs.

TRC-NW8--- Color fundus, Red free fundus photography

TRC-NW8F--- Color, Red-free, and Fluorescein fundus photography

TRC-NW8F Plus--- Color, Red-free, Fluorescein, and fundus AutoFluorescein photography

Auto Focus & Auto Shoot

TRC-NW8 series is Topcon's multi-functional retinal camera which is focused on "simple operation". With our wealth of experience in the production of retinal cameras, we have been able to bring all of the benefits of our non mydriatic camera to this brand new multi functional camera. The ability of Auto Focus and Auto Shoot makes the operation of this camera extremely simple and user friendly. Still allowing manual override when required.

Auto Small Pupil Detection

Small pupils are a common phenomenon, and when mydriatic drops can not be used, the "Small Pupil"(min. φ3.3mm) option within the TRC-NW8 series, allows you to be able to get a shot.

Low Flash Intensity

Topcon has always endeavoured to keep flash levels as low as possible while at the same time ensuring that good exposed images are achieved. For FA photography, it can be performed by half the flash intensity compared to our conventional models.


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