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Mirror Chart MC-4

Smooth Operation

Compared to conventional models, the visual contents and chart switching on the MC-4S has been significantly speeded up, due to the newly incorporated LCD technology, which enables smooth and fast measurements.


The MC-4S is a compact eye chart with a LCD screen and features the world's shortest installing distance. Its footprint doesn' t require much area either, which contributes to additional space savings for your practice.

Topcon Original Active Charts

Besides the well-known Landolt-rings and red/green charts, the MC-4S also provides original motion "active charts" that are useful for checking stereo-vision, astigmatism, heterophoria, etc. You can perform a wide range of tests with these charts.

active chart

3D contents


In light of the ever increasing use of 3D technology in today' s world, we have incorporated high-tech 3D content into the new MC-4S. 3D movies and images can be projected on the MC-4S, which allows you to check vision in 3D and keep up with the latest technology!

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