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Pixel Chart PC-50

  • Circular polarization
  • Open binocular vision test
  • 3D contents
  • variety of chart
  • variety of contents
  • maintenance free

Open binocular vision test with Circular Polarization method

What is "Circular Polarization" ?


Circular polarization is latest visual method to realize 3D TV or 3D movies. By wearing the special circular polarization glasses, the polarization will not be effected even if the face is inclined. Therefore binocular balance test with polarization chart can be done without customer's making effort to keep their face straight.

What is "open" binocular vision test?


When an eye is tested, you do not have to use occluder or fogging on the other eye, thanks to circular polarization filters. The customer sees the chart with one eye and it disappeared with the other eye. Open binocular refraction will reduce the unusual accommodation.

Expanded Application of KB-50S for Your Daily Scene

Needless to say that the KB-50S functions as a remote controller for chart switching
for visual acuity tresting,it incorpotates a new function for near view simulation.

Daily Scene


Various contents of daily scene are ready for near view with KB-50S and far view
with PC-50S. This combination is quite useful for checking the final prescription.

3D Contents


In light of the ever increasing use of 3D technology in today' s world, we have incorporated high-tech 3D content into the new PC-50SB. 3D movies and images can be projected on the PC-50SB, which allows you to check vision in 3D and keep up with the latest technology.

Active Chart

TOPCON's unique "Active Charts" helps testing correct visual funvtion in practical condition.


Not available in all countries, please check with your distributor for availability in your country.