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Computerized Lensmeter CL-300

With a new UV Measurement Function, the CL-300 provides comprehensive data to both eyeglass wearers and optometrists. Its compact, ergonomic design and intuitive touch screen panel ensures that measurements can be easily and quickly obtained.

  • LCD Touch Panel
  • UV Transmittance Measurement
  • Compact Slim Body
  • Green Measurement Light Beam
  • Automatic Mono- & Multi-focal Detection

UV Transmittance Measurement Function

UV Transmittance Measurement Function

The CL-300's new UV Measurement Function provides information on the ultraviolet transmittance in the range of 0% to 100%, providing reliable measurement results to both eyeglass and sunglass wearers.

* UV Transmittance Measurement is performed with the light beam of 365 nm wavelength.

Green Light Beam

Green Light Beam

The CL-300 incorporates the green light reading beam, which is also known as e-line. Due to the wavelength of 546 nm, the e-line can be well-sensed by the human's eye and it is determined as a standard by ISO 7944. Using green light beam in our instrument enhances lens measurement precision and reduces the chance of error in the measurements.

Improved Lens Support

Improved Lens Support

Due to its new design, the lens support of the CL-300 is 6 mm more in height compared to the conventional model. This change enables smooth and trouble-free measurement of high-curve lenses, preventing from troublesome contact of the lens edge with external parts of the lens support.

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