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Trial Lens Set & Trial Frame TLS-3


Topcon knows what many practitioners look for in a trial lens set: The highest degree of accuracy to determine visual acuity, and convenience of use. The Topcon Deluxe Trial Lens Set offers a complete selection of lens powers, featuring the optical superiority of a special corrected curve design that compensates for thickness and air space between combined lenses. This allows the practitioner to read the exact correction directly from the frame.

The Topcon Deluxe Trial Lens Set also offers a variety of features for easy and efficient operation, including:

  • Lenses marked only on one side to ensure correct positioning in the trial frame.
  • Sturdy lightweight aluminum rings that are colorcoded and marked for easy identification: red for minus, black for plus and bluegray for prisms and accessories.
  • All lenses are cemented as well as firmly clamped to ensure precision in the alignment.

The Corrective Curve Trial Lens Set comes in a sturdy holding tray with beveled slots for fast and easy insertion. The Deluxe Set includes minus and plus spherical lenses, prisms, other accessory lenses and various cylinder power lenses.


The Topcon Full Diameter Trial Lens Sets are a cost-effective combination of spheres, cylinders and accessory lenses. These economical biconvex and biconcave lenses are mounted in metal rims that have the lens power engraved in both sides of the handle. The full diameter lens provides a wide field of view during refraction. These lenses can be used with instruments that require a patient's correction such as a visual field. The Topcon Full Diameter Trial Lens Sets are supplied with a handsome velvet lined vinyl carrying case.


The Topcon all-metal Trial Frame is constructed for durability and long life, while being lightweight and comfortable to wear. The practical screw-thread design on all fittings allows for easy replacement of springs, templates and other components when the frame requires service. The leaf spring loaded temples hold the frame snugly without creating any discomfort for the patient.

For a perfect fit and accurate settings, the TOPCON Trial Frame offers a vast array of features such as:

  • Horizontal and vertical bridge adjustments.
  • An adjustable saddle bridge assures a comfortable nose fit.
  • Separate PD adjustment for each eye to compensate for asymmetrical factors in facial structure.
  • Individual adjustments for temple length and angle.
  • Adjustment for rotating cylinders to corrext the axis.
  • Scales with large, easyto-read numerals.
  • The spacing of the lens holders ensures accurate additive readings when the TOPCON Corrected Curve Additive Design lenses are used in the frame.

Not available in all countries, please check with your distributor for availability in your country.