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Auto Kerato-Refractometer KR-800S

Objective Test

The unique Rotary PrismTM Technology, exclusive to Topcon, allows for unparalleled precision and reliability. Quick measurement becomes available by decentering and rotating the measurement ring projected on the retina rapidly. Moreover, it decreases the influence of an uneven reflection on the eye or a cataract eye.

Subjective VA Test*

The test results of all objective and subjective measurements can be shown on the monitor. Therefore, it is very easy to compare the VA difference between the objective and subjective tests. If a computerized lensmeter is connected, it can also test and show the patient's VA result with their current eyeglasses. Since it is easy to compare VA with the patient's current eyeglasses and the BCVA result, if necessary, new eyeglasses can be introduced.

*Cylinder power and axis cannot be changed for the subjective test. Instead, refractometerdata will be used.
*For a precise prescnption of eyeglasses, we recommend that you perform the binocular test.

Glare Test

The Glare test is useful for screening cataract patients by understanding the patient's VA with/without Glare. The test can also be used to understand the patient's VA of pre & post LASIK surgery or to know the patient's QOV.
* The Glare test can only be performed with the subjective far distance test.

Grid Test

The Grid test can be performed for screening AMD and other macular related diseases. Patients with macular disease may see wavy lines or missing lines. The test can be helpful in detecting early signs of abnormality in the eye so a treatment plan can be started.

* The Grid test can only be performed with the subjective near distance test.

Contrast Test

The Contrast test is an ideal test to determine the patient's QOV. The number of contrast steps can be changed accordingly; 2.5%, 5%, 10%, 12.5%, 25%, 50%, 100%.
* The Contrast test can only be performed with the subjective far distance test.
* Only the contrast of the background changes.


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