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Notice of Announcement of Nominee for President and CEO

May 17, 2013—-Topcon announces today that its board of directors has met and proposed the following changes to its representative director.
This proposal is subject to approval by the Meeting of the Board that will follow the 120th Ordinary General Meeting of the shareholders scheduled to take place on June 26, 2013.

1.Reason for Change:

In the Mid-term Business Plan 2013 (announced in June, 2011), establishing a management structure that is unaffected by the external environment such as yen strength was our major task. In order to realize it, we set the ¥10 billion cost-cutting plan in three years by implementing fixed-cost reduction, COGS reduction, downsize of unprofitable business and organization slimming down. Through the execution of these measures, we were able to announce that we have achieved this target in two years. As a result, at the end of March 2013, we announced we would terminate the business structural “Reform”, and will be shifting to acceleration of growth strategies. In addition, we will take a complete rejuvenation of Topcon’s management and will focus on robust earnings management under the new administration.

2.Name and New Positions(As of June 26, 2013)

Norio Uchida

Adviser to the Board (full time)
(President and CEO)

Satoshi Hirano

President and CEO
(Director, Managing Executive Officer)

3. Profile of the New Representative Director

New Title : President and CEO
Name : Satoshi Hirano
Date of birth : December 12, 1957
Birthplace : Fukuoka
Education : March 1982 Graduated from Tokyo Denki University, School of Science and Engineering
Business Career:

April 1982 Joined Tokyo Optical Co. Ltd. (Currently Topcon Corporation)
April 1996 Vice President, Topcon Laser Systems, Inc.(US)
July 2001 Executive Vice President, Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.(US)
June 2002 Senior Manager, Strategic Alliance & Business Planning Dept., International Sales & Marketing Div.
April 2006 Vice General Manager, Positioning Business Div.
June 2007 Executive Officer
June 2007 Vice General Manager, Positioning Business Unit
June 2010 Director, Executive Officer
June 2010 General Manager, Positioning Business Unit
June 2012 Director, Managing Executive Officer(Currently)
June 2012 General Manager, Corporate Strategy Div. (Currently)
June 2013 President and CEO (Planned)

Number of shares held : 15,100 shares(as of March 31, 2013)
Others :
Personal Motto : “Creation・Challenge・Execution” (Pioneer Spirit)
Family : Wife, son and daughter.
Interest : Golfing, driving, dog-walking

4. Appointment date June 26, 2013

Satoshi Hirano