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SS OCT Angio™ powered by OCTARA™   Introducing OCT Angiography in Swept Source OCT DRI OCT Triton series

Topcon Corporation, (Headquarters: Itabashi, Tokyo Japan; President and CEO: Satoshi Hirano) (hereinafter referred to as ‘Topcon’) has introduced OCT Angiography “SS OCT Angio”™ into their Swept Source OCT DRI OCT Triton series system*1.



OCT Angiography imageOCT Angiography is the latest non-invasive technology which enables visualization of blood flow in the retina and the choroid through OCT scanning. This makes it possible to visualize the microvascular flow which cannot be easily acquired by conventional Fluorescein Angiography (FA) or ICG angiography methods*2. This breakthrough technology is currently used for the clinical evaluation of eye disorders, but we anticipate that it will also be instrumental for the assessment of blood circulation with Topcon’s proprietary blood flow detection algorithm, OCTARA™. Together, the addition of Swept Source OCT and the OCTARA™ algorithm will contribute to the clinical advancement and efficiency in ophthalmic diagnostics.


SS OCT Angio with OCTARA

Features of SS OCT Angio™

■High Sensitivity Imaging & Deeper Lying Intravascular Flow Visualization

Swept Source technology and OCTARA™ allow the deeper structures to be scanned without axial resolution loss, and detect even low microvascular flow with high sensitivity. Additionally, the 1μm wavelength reduces risks of light attenuation of cataract and vitreous opacity, making OCT imaging more feasible for the patients with those diseases*3.


White paper on SS OCT Angio™ is available here;






■Stable & Rapid Scanning.

Topcon’s unique tracking system, SMARTTrack™, follows the fixation movement, detects blinking, and compensates for the scan flawlessly, resulting in complete microvacular network detection. Since the 1 μm scanning light source is not visible to the naked eye*4, the patient’s visual focus will remain

fixated on the target, resulting in a more seamless and precise scan. With the world’s fastest scan speed, 100K axial scans per second *5, it also minimizes any motion artifacts.




■Enhanced Diagnostic Efficiency & Workflow Integration

Multimodal platform provides easy, yet detailed comparison of microvascular structures with FA, FAF, OCT and color fundus images in a single device. When using Topcon’s ophthalmic data management system, IMAGEnet6®, the clinical routine diagnosis such as OCT, fundus photography, VA testing, pre-examinations can be easily integrated for comprehensive desicion making.




*1 In order to analyze and view OCT Angiography data, IMAGEnet6® software is


*2 OCT Angiography does not visualize the avascular area. It is not completely alternative for FA/ICG.

*3 Depends on the patient’s condition and disease condition.

*4 OCT Angiography scanning line may be visible during capture to some people under certain conditions

*5 According to TOPCON survey 2015


SS OCT Angio™ technical factors

Central wavelength


Scan speed


Scan size (mm)

3.0x3.0, 4.5x4.5, 6.0x6.0

Scan resolution

256x225, 320x320


Not available in all countries, please check with your distributor for availability in your country.


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