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System 110 is the best equipment for water-filled paddy preparation (System 110)


"LED lightbar guides our courses, eliminating overlaps. It's great."

Yamazaki Farm is located in Kashiwa-city, Chiba, a commuter town of the Tokyo metropolis. Yamazaki Farm has been expanding rice production contrary to the general trend in Japan. Younger generations have shifted away from farming and abandoned farmlands present a serious problem across the country.
Naoyuki Yamazaki, owner of Yamazaki Farm, said, "To gain a profit out of farming alone, we have to increase yield and improve cost-efficiency. That's why we've undertaken abandoned paddy fields." Yamazaki learned agricultural technology in Germany in his youth and has arranged the technologies to best suit Japanese farming.
"We started with lasers for leveling the paddy fields a few years back. The addition of Topcon System 110 has minimized overlapped runs in the land leveling process." Yamazaki said that the System 110 is the ideal equipment for the water-filled paddy preparation before planting rice.
He said, "Preparing the rice paddies involves tilling the soil lying under water. This muddles the water up, hiding the tracks of where we've worked. But the System 110 clearly guides our courses. Detachable LED lightbar works so great that I can check the necessary information while concentrating on driving the tractor."
Yamazaki adds another merit, "We used to draw guidance lines on soil by rice planters, but on windy days, rippled water surface hides the lines. The System 110 completely solves this problem."
Food safety is one of the major concerns today. Yamazaki Farm labels their rice with the producer's name and the protein content, aiming for 'farming with visible data.' The protein content becomes a marker for taste. "The System 110 greatly facilitates recording our tasks, which makes traceability management much easier. We will be able to provide our customers with more detailed data of the rice they're eating," Yamazaki said.
Accepting trainees from abroad every year, Yamazaki Farm maintains an active posture in farming that will lead Japanese agricultural technology.


Region: Japan
Company: Yamazaki Farm
Product: System 110 GPS Lightbar Guidance System