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RTK-GPS for water and sewage pipeline construction (GR-3)


GPS capability soars in ADMAC's Al-Wathba project

"We have successfully satisfied our clients in the past and progressed ahead with promise to keep up the fine reputation that we enjoy in the company, which is the reason that today we are successful. We do not compromise on quality and survey equipment is no exception" says Mr. Nidal Al Sharkawi, the ADMAC Chief Surveyor.
ADMAC is currently working on fifteen projects in the UAE employing more than 90 surveyors and assistants. One of these projects is a 700 million Dhs package(US$190 million), for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, for the construction of water and sewage pipeline in Al-Wathba District. The project district is spread over a length of 180 Km.
It was hard to convince our managers to buy a GPS for the Reem Island project but the amazing results we obtained after getting it, encourages us now to equip, if possible, every survey team with a Topcon GR-3. We can now peg out the centerlines to the pits and at the same time have a water pipe construction team coming up right behind our crew, and be giving them the same details and information they require to finish their job. Explains Mr. Osama Rashed, the Al-Wathba Chief Surveyor.
"It was amazing when the GR-3 was tracking and getting fix solution on a 16m depth excavation! You can also survey in close proximity of buildings with an excellent tracking compared to other brands. It was even accidently dropped twice on concrete and it is still working perfectly!" Mr. Osama.


Project: Al-Wathba sewage network and plant
Location: Abu Dhabi