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RTK-GPS for layout works at mega construction project (HiPer Ga)


Wade Adams expands productivity with Topcon HiPer Ga

The Wade Adams Group is a contracting company based in the Middle East region. Wade Adams has successfully become one of the leading contractors in the region and has been involved in the construction of roads, highways, airports, pipelines, bridges, and excellent, I can say each HiPer rover productivity many Multi-faceted mega construction projects.
Wade Adams is currently busy with a US $136 million infrastructure package for Al Oud district at Dubai Waterfront. The Al Oud district is spread over an area of approximately 10 million m2 and Wade Adams are responsible for all infrastructure works. The company is working also on the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Sports City, the Villa and Sharja Airport among many other projects.
"Our survey teams layout thousands of points daily, and these tasks need to done smoothly, accurately and rapidly in order to reduce operating costs and meet deadlines" says Mr. Khalid Ewida, the Survey Manager at Wade Adams.
With Topcon's new GPS, HiPer Ga, we are now able to manage our projects with small surveying teams and carry out the jobs faster and more accurately. We have eight Topcon RTK systems beautifully operating in full harmony with around 100 Topcon Total Station thanks to the identical interface and operating systems. We just upload the road alignments onto the field controls and leave the rest to TopSurv. Explains Mr. Khaled.
"I like the simplicity of HiPer Ga. The system is neat, light weight and TopSurv is easy to use which is important to our field surveyors" he said.
"The tracking capabilities of this system are also excellent, I can say each HiPer rover productivity equals 3 to 4 total station survey teams" he added.


Project: Dubai Waterfront
Location: Dubai