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Learning the TopSURV was just a breeze (GR-2100)


Our surveyors love to use Topcon GPS because it's easier to use and more productive.

The Omani Ministry of Housing (MOH) is in charge of construction licensing in Oman from small individual residences to large construction projects. The ministry's mission includes massive and complex cadastral surveys that involve licensing issues for current and future construction projects.
"We have been using GPS technology for some time now and it plays a significant role in our survey department, enabling us to cope with the increase in the number of survey works brought by the exploding construction projects we are witnessing in Oman nowadays," said Mr. Suleiman, a deputy director of MOH.
"When we decided to buy Topcon HiPer Ga last year, our biggest concern was how fast our surveyors could learn the operations of the Topcon system and how long it would take for them to become proficient in its use. In fact, just a brief training was enough for our surveyors. Since then they love to use Topcon GPS rather than other equipment, because they found it's easier to use and more productive." He added.
"All 36 GPS units we bought from Topcon were put in use on the project immediately after the training. TopSURV is brilliant! You feel like you already mastered this software with the first time you use it," said Mr. Yacoub, a head of survey department.
The MOH survey department is one of the first governmental entities in the Middle East region who adopted the latest surveying technologies, showing their genuine commitment to selfdevelopment and self-advancement.



The ministry work is spread all over Oman
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