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Topcon GNSS increases 'Work Efficiency' by 450% (HiPer Pro)


"It's more important to enhance our survey technology than simply saving the cost."

Feelit Limited, a surveying company in Kosai-city, Shizuoka, Japan, recently introduced the GNSS receiver HiPer pro for as-built survey project.
Masatoshi Yamamoto, president of Feelit, said, "At first, there was an idea to share the GPS equipment among several surveying companies in my city so we may save the initial investment. But I decided to purchase our own GPS because I thought it's more important to enhance our survey technology than simply saving the cost."
Topcon's "Packet RTK Service" facilitates the use of GLONASS signals in addition to GPS. "When I tried the Topcon system with a tablet PC for the first time, I found the work efficiency is much higher than total stations." Through various trial sessions, Topcon was selected over competing instruments.
He said, "It's amazing that the actual work efficiency was improved by 450 percent. That was much more than I expected. With the Topcon GNSS, one person can take measurements of 600 points a day on an average, while it takes three persons with a total station to measure 400 points in the same working hours. With three surveyors and three GNSS systems, total of 1,800 points can be taken in one day, dramatically reducing time and labor."
He said, "Using a tablet PC with CAD software, rough drawings can be created at the job site, which significantly reduces the time of office work as well." A company surveyor said, "It's very easy to set up the Topcon receiver with tablet PC. And the total weight of the system is light enough for RTK surveying."
Yamamoto said, "Every member of our staff has improved individual skills in selecting the best points for control survey by considering critical factors such as sky visibility, radio signal conditions, and accessibility.
"We are receiving more orders since we introduced this new system. Now we focus on survey technologies using GPS/GNSS that will keep us ahead of the competition," he said.


Region: Japan
Company: Feelit Limited