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Laser Scanning for 3D Modeling of golf course (GLS-1000)


Scanning of Golf course and Soccer Stadium using Topcon 3D Laser Scanner

GEOKOSMOS Japan, the one and only specialized company able to provide 3D Laser Scanning data and outsourcing services of post processing scanning in Japan. GEOKOSMOS is working on one of the prestigious golf courses in west Japan using 3D Laser Scanning. The scanned data constituted the essential information for Golf course CG model for TV commentate on the air over a nationwide hookup. GEOKOSMOS Japan collected approx.1.6M point cloud using TOPCON GLS-1000 and created a mesh with ±2 cm accuracy, texture, and UV map data.
Mr. Nakaizumi with GEOKOSMOS Japan has a rich experience using Laser Scanners, in particular, for Golf programs for multiple TV stations. He comments "I was amazed to see the scanned data because there was almost no noise except passing dragonfly. Thanks to the low noise, I could save time for cleaning the noise drastically"
He also comments "Laser scanner becomes vital in creating 3D model for Golf courses in his experience which he had been told by commentators that they could not comment on TV if 3D model was different from real geographic formation"
GEOKOSMOS Japan also performed scanning work for SAITAMA Stadium, largest class Soccer dedicated stadium, as a test scanning before IBARAKI Country Club.
They managed to collect approx. 8M reliable data in half day, and create modeling without the hassle of cleaning the noise.