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Imaging Station for volume calculation (IS)


"Without the IS, we may need at least seven teams instead of two"

The Dutch dredging firm Van Oord is a world class marine contractor, working day to day on dredging and marine projects around the world. Van Oord responsible for the land reclamation of Palm projects in Dubai is currently in partnership with Leighton, also a leading contractor wholly owned by the Australian publicly listed company Leighton Holdings Limited, for new gigantic excavation works in Dubai. The project will involve the excavation of millions cubic meters of material in short period of time.
"It's all about volume calculation... The project manager can walk in at any time and ask us about the work progress. Topcon Imaging Station has certainly done us a favor on this level as we can follow up cut/fills and volumes almost in real time" said Peter Silvius, the chief surveyor at Leighton-Van Oord. With the scanning and imaging technologies, the IS will get you grid scan reflector-less measurements at any resolution you like.
You can collect thousands of points cloud in short time while sitting in your office or car watching real time video streams on your PC. What is also amazing is the reflector-less distance range achievable by this machine, it can easily shoot 1km on sand. Explains Eric Fremouw, senior Surveyor at Leighton-Van Oord.
"Without the IS, we may need at least seven teams instead of two" says Peter.



Location: Dubai
Project: Volume calculation by Imaging Station