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Topcon GLS-1000 Cuts Down Measurement Time by 50 percent (3D Laser Scanner GLS-1000)


"Clients gave high marks to the 3D models so they can overview the landfill status at a glance."

Futaba Consultant Company provides surveying and designing services for civil engineering projects in Fukushima and Ibaraki area, environs of Tokyo, Japan.
Futaba Consultant, using the Topcon GLS-1000 laser scanner, has developed revolutionary surveying and 3D modeling methods for industrial waste landfills.
Yoshinori Abe, president of Futaba Consultant, said, "Our business used to be very successful, but this economic downturn raised the need for expanding our business area. A 3D laser scanner is an ideal tool for us to expand out business and achieve this goal."
Futaba has long been involved in volume measurement of industrial waste. Abe said, "The greatest benefit of the GLS-1000 is safety improvements of our personnel. Survey crew used to work in the area where a number of trucks and heavy machines were in operation. They also had to be cautious about the hazardous wastes. But now, they can scan the sites remotely from the safe locations."
"The GLS-1000 has cut down the measurement time by 50 percent compared to the surveying with total stations and, allows us to easily obtain cross-sectional views and volumes of necessary locations through post-processing in the office. In addition, the operation is so simple that anyone can use it regardless of experience," said Abe.
Using the GLS-1000, Futaba carried out the scanning of newly built landfill prior to initial dumping. The scanned area of about 300m by 400m (980ft. by 1,300ft.) will be rendered into a 3D model. They are planning to scan this landfill on a routine basis to keep accurate date regarding waste volume at the site.
Hiroyuki Hoshi, chief of Futaba Consultant's surveying department, said, "Our clients gave high marks to the 3D models we presented so they can overview the landfill status at a glance. We have successfully added new value to our services."
"To ensure outcome quality, our persons in charge are laying head together to formulate the original guidelines for scanning and data processing. It's a lot of fun," Hoshi said. "Seasoned pros and younger engineers all started from scratch for this new technology. The young are actively learning and the experienced are also working hard not to be left behind. The laser scanner rejuvenated our company."
The company's actual achievements with the GLS-1000 are showcased on Futaba's corporate website which includes earthworks, pavements, architectures and cultural properties.


Company: Futaba Consultant Company
Product: 3D Laser Scanner GLS-1000