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The IS gives me a feeling as if I had an assistant at the tripod side


"Combined information of coordinates and live images gives clients perfect understanding"

Tanaka Kengo Office in Suwa-city, Nagano, Japan provides surveying, land boundary determination and real-estate registration services. Kengo Tanaka, office owner and a licensed land and house investigator, expressed how the recently purchased Topcon IS and FC-200 field controller improved his survey tasks.
"When I first saw the demonstration of the Image One-person Survey using the IS, I was so thrilled. I thought this system was exclusively designed for my job," said Tanaka. "I could see the telescope view of the IS on the field controller's screen. It gave me a feeling as if I had an assistant at the tripod side. I got an idea that this feature would definitely increase my survey ability."
Tanaka said, "I found more benefits in actual use. With the IS, the field controller displays exactly what the instrument is seeing. It made finding and reacquiring the prism very easy even through obstacles such as busy traffic or dense trees." He said, "It is very convenient to aim the objects at high places because I don't have to look into the telescope at all."
Tanaka said, "The IS dramatically facilitated the boundary determination procedures. I take my clients to the land and show them the coordinate values of boundary stakes together with the live images using the IS and FC. This combined information gives clients perfect understanding."
Tanaka uses the IS for as-built surveys as well.
"I can input the point names and attributes in the field controller at the prism side, viewing the actual survey points by myself. When I was using a conventional total station, I had to speak to the instrument operator via a transceiver to store the point information in the total station's data memory. With the IS, I can do the as-built data collection all by myself, which significantly increased work efficiency, and reduced the time and cost."
Tanaka also does the stakeout by himself. "Field controller shows stakeout lines on the real-time video images and gives a guidance to me, so I can quickly find the stakeout points without an assistant. Nothing can be easier than this." Tanaka said, "The IS increased the speed of stakeout tasks by 50 percent at least."