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Imaging Capability Eliminates 'Uncertainty'


"Topcon's IS has brought a perfect solution for every challenge I face"

Office Inashin, a surveying and real-estate registration firm located in Saga, Japan, is run by Shinri Inaba and his wife Emi. One of the main tools utilized by Office Inashin is the Topcon IS and FC-200 field controller package.
"Before I purchased the IS, I operated a manual total station and Emi carried a prism. At that time I had some challenges to overcome," said Inaba. "I couldn't verify the measurement points from the tripod side while the points are extremely important to determine the boundary of real estate. It took time to input the handwritten data to a PC. And nowadays public offices require the documents to be delivered in an electronic format."
Inaba said, "The IS has brought a perfect solution for every challenge I face in my job."
"With the IS, I carry a prism pole and a field controller, and Emi stays at the tripod. I can see the actual survey point by myself and check if the telescope is aiming for the point correctly. This feature completely eliminated the element of uncertainty," He said.
"The IS recovers the prism lock just by tapping the image on the FC's screen. It doesn't make me wait," said Inaba. "Survey accuracy has also improved because the telescope image displayed on the FC allows me to align the prism so it may squarely face the IS."
Inaba gives the IS high marks for its stakeout capability. "The FC-200 indicates the direction and distance to the stakeout point together with the live telescope image. In addition, I can tell how far I am from the point by the variable beep pattern. The combination of visual and audio guidance dramatically facilitates staking out tasks." "Thanks to the picture images shot by an integrated camera, I don't confuse the data even when I take hundreds of survey points."
"Dim lighting conditions would not slow me down because of the reliable auto-tracking capability."
Inaba said, "Survey work is easier and more pleasant since I got this IS. The IS makes me want to go out surveying every day!"


Company : Office Inashin
Product :Imaging Station IS
    Field Controller FC-200