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The IP-S2 will bring us enormous opportunities


"Data collection is so easy, so fast, and so safe. All we need is to drive a car"

Kobayashi Consultant Company, located in Nagano, Japan, has more than 10 years of experience in surveying and 3D measurement businesses. Kobayashi Consultant recently introduced an around-the-corner technology - Topcon IP-S2 mobile survey system.
Yoshito Kobayashi, the company's president, said, "We know how to process and utilize the point cloud data through the use of Topcon GLS-1000 laser scanner for the past two years. Our corporate policy is to keep offering our clients the most innovative and most profitable solutions ahead of our competitors. Therefore, after reviewing the capabilities of the IP-S2, we did not hesitate to purchase the system."
The news about their introduction of the IP-S2 system quickly spread throughout the survey industry in Nagano area, although that was not Kobayashi Consultant's intent. "A number of our peers asked us if we could collect data for them using the IP-S2. We are happy to perform that task for them, of course," said Kobayashi.
"The remarkable advantages of the IP-S2 system are, firstly, data collection is easier than any other method. All we need is to drive a car. Secondly, it's so fast. Thirdly, it's so safe," said Kobayashi. "It takes only one hour in total to collect the road surface data of 4km (2.5 miles) length. This saves a great deal of time and cost. Safety of data collection tasks has also improved, because we don't have to work directly on the road."
"We have two choices in laser scanning technologies, the IP-S2 and the GLS-1000. We determine which to use according to accuracy needed and other requirements."
Mitsuharu Shimizu, engineer and site supervisor of Kobayashi Consultant, said, "Mr. Kobayashi keeps saying that we are already in the 3D era, and I fully agree with it. What I am aiming for is to present the most impressive and understandable products by using the best of 3D technologies on specific jobs."
Kobayashi said, "This new technology certainly expands our business area. Considering the increasing demands for 3D data, I believe the IP-S2 will bring us enormous opportunities. We are enjoying the challenges in pioneering a new survey and data collection technology, which highly motivates our personnel."