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The IS has completely changed our as-built survey procedures


Enhanced progress management has increased quality of construction works

Nagumo Construction Company Limited undertook an extensive land readjustment project for farm fields in Shibukawa-city, Nagano, Japan. Topcon AT WORK reported their case study in April 2010. This issue focuses on how they utilized the Topcon IS for the project management at the above land readjustment works.
"We had to complete this project within a limited period of time in between harvesting and planting," said Mitsuo Katano, Nagumo's director and senior manager. "We used to use an auto level and a tape measure for as-built survey, and used a calculator to compare the measured data and blueprint data. The IS has completely changed how we do this type of work now."
Katano said, "The IS can do everything for as-built survey. The field controller displays the center lines and design data of each section that are overlaid on the telescope's images. This feature made the survey works far easier and faster. The field controller calculates the difference between as-built data and design data so I can check the construction progress at any time."
"Imaging capability is the key for the enhanced work efficiency," Katano said. "With the real-time telescope images on the field controller's screen, we can perfectly control the IS just as we want. This has made the true one-person survey possible regardless of the situation."
Katano said, "Measurement data or processed data can be overlaid on the images taken by the built-in camera of the IS. This feature dramatically facilitated inspection procedures and allowed us to check the progress quickly and more frequently than ever before. As a result the overall quality of our construction projects has increased exponentially."
Nagumo Construction has been awarded a number of prizes for their achievements in public works, including the MLIT's* Excellent Subcontractors of the Year in 2008. The firm continues efforts to improve their construction techniques.
"We plan to utilize the IS in more applications. Currently we are interested in the application for the machine guidance. This cutting-edge technology will be one of the greatest tools for us to become even more competitive in the local industry," Katano said.

* Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism


Region: Japan
Product: Imaging Station IS