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MAGNET Collage Special Interview


MAGNET Collage can generate and integrate 3D Mass Data from multiple sensors in one single platform!

Since "i-Construction" starts in earnest, 3D Point Cloud data is paid attention. However, there seem a lot of people who still believe 3D Point Cloud data is "Difficult," "Rough," or "Taking too much time to process." MAGNET Collage is the new software solution to remove all those concerns. Here is the report from KOBAYASHI Consultant, Iida-city, Nagano who experienced MAGNET Collage as a pilot user.

Process Any Point Cloud Data in one single platform

"Now drone survey is getting popular in the world but laser scanner is also absolutely required for measuring shape, slope or structure, which drone survey is not good at measuring. Besides that, for wide range of surveying, Mobile Mapping System is very effective so we use different types of sensors in one site.
interview_002_E.jpgFor gaps or lack of point data after data collection, you could not find them out until data of all sensors is integrated in design software. If that is the problem, you have to go back to each data processing software to adjust the data from the beginning. MAGNET Collage can generate and integrate point cloud data in one single platform, so you can work effectively. Also due to the common user interface, educational time is saved so we can increase staff to be able to use this software in the company."

Scan Module
Maximum 8 times faster processing / 25 times more volume to process New Station Set Registration

interview_003_E.jpg"Processing speed has become much faster than previous software. Besides that, new Station Set Registration is convenient to match point clouds, which could not be registered before. Unless point clouds can be registered, we have to go back to the field to collect the data again. We have several brands of laser scanners to use for full time. So we appreciate that point cloud data generated by the one brand laser scanner can be easily integrated to the ones generated by another brand."

Fly Module
Auto GCP Detection enables simple and fast image lapping

interview_004_E.jpg"We have a famous UAV software of another brand but we have to select GCP on images each by each so it takes a long time to process GCP detections. If you mistakenly select wrong GCP, you have to re-start from the beginning. MAGNET Collage can detect GCP on the rest of all images if you select GPC on the first two images. It is apparent to save our work time with MAGNET Collage."
* Image has to be Geo-Tagged image to process.

Mobile Module
Fast processing by clipping the segment of trajectory data

interview_005_E.jpg"Since MMS data is huge to process, we had to make a precise plan where to run before. But now we can collect the data at one time, then, later we can decide which segment to use. So the opportunity to use MMS will be increased from now. Moreover, the way of 3D data collection may change drastically."

MAGNET Collage can process 3D Mass Data by itself while we used to use different kinds of software for different sensors. We would like you to try on this MAGNET Collage which change the image of 3D processing software. You should find out new solution to solve your problem.

interview_001_E.jpgYoshito Kobayashi, President

Company: KOBAYASHI Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Product: 3D Mass Data Software Solution MAGNET Collage

* "i-Construction" is...
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) in Japan has been promoting "i-Construction", that the Japanese construction companies shall utilize 3D data in all the procedure of construction work to increase its productivity dramatically, generated by not only the conventional equipment such as Total Stations and GNSS receivers but also Drones, 3D Laser Scanners, and ICT Construction Machineries. "i-Construction" is a registered trademark of the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management, MLIT.