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On-site Training for Cutting-edge Machine Control Systems (MC)


On-site Training Gives Them Right Understanding of Cutting-edge Machine Control Systems

The CMI - Japan Construction Method and Machinery Research Institute - is an exclusive organization specializing in research and testing for construction machinery and machine control systems. It is an affiliated organization of JCMA (Japan Construction Mechanization Association) and was established in 1964 - a year of Tokyo Olympic Games. One of the CMI's missions is to provide hands-on training for the latest construction technologies.
"CMI initiated these trainings according to the strategic plan for promoting the ICT-Aided Construction*1 formulated by the MLIT*2," said Kenichi Kogusuri, a principal of the CMI's Safety Training Center. Training programs are specifically designed to foster experts to encourage broad use of such technologies in the Japanese construction industry. Since its kick-off, Topcon worked closely with them, not only by providing technical information of machine control systems, but also by sending a number of trainers.
Machine control system utilizes the 3D design data and eliminates the need for preliminary survey to set stakes and strings. Kogusuri emphasized, "It provides numerous benefits in work efficiency, quality and safety. Furthermore, it reduces environmental load by shortening machine operating time. Through lectures and on-site exercises, I want the trainees to figure out by themselves how great the difference between manual and automatic is."
Kogusuri works constantly to improve programs. He carefully listens to comments by trainees and does not hesitate to make program changes to improve the curriculum. In regard to how well the training is received, Kogusuri said, "It takes time to bear fruit. However, more people are becoming interested in the ICT-Aided Construction.
Since the MLIT issued "Guidelines for Soil Compaction Management using TS and GPS," the compaction control system is getting more and more popular in the real world."
An increasing number of trainees from throughout the construction industry is proof of the popularity of this new technology. MLIT established the objectives to standardize the ICT-Aided Construction for large-scale projects by 2010, and for medium- to small-scale projects by 2012. In order to achieve these objectives, the CMI members have as a goal to train as many experts as possible.

*1 ICT-Aided Construction: Construction methods that make use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to increase work efficiency and quality. Machine control system is one of the representative examples.
*2 MLIT: The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure Transport and Tourism