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Stake-out work with half the labor at twice the speed!


Performed easily by just one person

Ikeda ACT Co., Ltd, established in 1957, is a general construction company based in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture. Having won a bid for a major shopping center project, the company was faced with the need to prepare and pave a large area of land, so they brought in the Layout Navigator LN-100.

Stake-out: previously requiring two people and significant time

Hidekazu Kito, general manager of the Civil Engineering Department, said the events leading up to the introduction of the LN-100, "Whatever the construction site, we are required to carry out our work efficiently and precisely with a limited number of personnel. Particularly when preparing a site, 70 - 80 percent of the survey work consists of stake-out, so if you can perform this part efficiently, progress speeds up remarkably. Previously, we carried out this work using manual total stations and two operators. This often took a great deal of time, due to the need to adjust schedules and due to differences in the skill levels of the two workers."

Half the number of people and twice the speed!

Commenting on the results of introducing the LN-100, Atsushi Maegawa, assistant manager of the Civil Engineering Department, said, "The work has changed dramatically. If you look for the guide light and stand it in roughly the right location, the LN-100 will automatically find the prism. Then, whether you move quickly or make very detailed movements, it will always track the prism and guide it with your handheld Android controller in real time, so the work can be performed by one person. Previously, there were times when we could only complete 10 stake-out points in an hour, but now we can stake-out up to around 20 points. Because the work can be performed by one person at a time of their choosing. It is incomparably more efficient than our previous approach, and the speed of work is far greater. I think another reason for those higher speeds is that the machine can be set up simply by pressing a button."

ikeda-act_LN-100_003_E.jpgOn the same theme of "simplicity," he mentioned that the TopLayout control software is easy to use, "It's simple to use and I was able to learn how it worked right away. It's so simple you ask yourself 'Is that it?' Because a CSV file can be used for the coordinates, creating, updating and adding data is so easy."

Focused on the accuracy of the device, Kito, said, "The LN-100 can measure the point precisely in 3D coordinates, so we use it not only for stake-out but also for elevation stake."

Spreading the 'goodness' for greater efficiency

In conclusion, we asked the two of them what lies ahead, "At this site we were able to prove that the LN-100 can significantly improve work efficiency. Going forward we would like to expand its use within the company, so that all site agents can take advantage of it, allowing us to push ahead with efficiency improvements."

Their passion for pursuing increased efficiencies came through clearly in our discussion.


Hidekazu Kito, General Manager, Civil Engineering Department


Atsushi Maegawa, Assistant Manager, Civil Engineering Department

Company: Ikeda ACT Co., Ltd.
Product: Layout Navigator LN-100