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Accomplish a full day of stake-out work in half the time


LN-100 improves not only the efficiency of stake-out but also the progress of the entire project.

The company C-vil, based in Fukuchiyama, Kyoto, is a general construction company covering surveying through investigation in construction projects. They have recently implemented the Layout Navigator LN-100.

Pursue efficiency improvement

Toshiki Fukuda, managing director of the company, explained what led up to the decision to use the LN-100.
"Our company, from its beginning of the business, has embraced efficiency, how fast and efficiently the work can be completed with a limited number of staff. We got to know the LN-100 at the Topcon Innovation event in December of last year. There, we learned how this instrument could greatly improve the efficiency of our stake-out jobs," he said.
The company has been using a robotic total station system for one-person survey and already established an effective measuring process for using the system based on their accumulated experiences. They see how that process is applicable with the LN-100 as well.

Fast stake-out work speeds up entire project process

To explain the effectiveness of the LN-100, Takeshi Imoto, manager of work management section, said, "We actually applied it to locate the batter board position of a gutter, at a 5 m pitch across 200 m of length. The ordering party was expecting this would be one full of day work. However, we accomplished it in just a half day using the LN-100. This was achieved, of course with our staffs' skills, mainly due to speed and simple operation of LN-100."
He continued, "With the LN-100, stake-out work can be quickly carried out. Specifying stake-out point, LN-100 will turn to the point direction. The guide light is extremely visible and easy to get into the correct direction line. LN-100 will then immediately lock to and track the prism.
The control software, TopLayout responds and traces the prism movement very smoothly which helps to fix the position quickly. During the stake, the prism locking is lost, but the LN-100 recaptures the prism as soon as it is placed again."
For the efficiency he added, "Using this system, the whole process of stake-out work can be speedily completed.
Moreover, we were surprisingly impressed by simple instrument setup and operation of LN-100.
For an inexperienced surveyor, it can take 15 minutes in some cases with an ordinary Total Station. Such a person can start measuring immediately after putting the LN-100 on the Tripod.
Also, software operation is straightforward with an easy-to-understand display, therefore, measurement can be started even for an operator who is using the system at the first time.
With such easy operation, we can even assign a non-surveying specialist to perform the measuring work, when an urgent request is given and the jobs at the site can be continued without interruption.
When the measuring and stake-out jobs can be done quickly, progress of the whole project is speeded up and the ordering party sees the benefit. We are really appreciating the effect that the LN-100 has brought," he said.

LN-100 will help our business to expandpread

Mr. Fukuda stated his outlook, "As BIM process spreads and implements more widely, jobs that require 3D coordinates data will increase and become more in demand. Together with development of our own software, we are aiming to expand our business into the building field such as marking.
I also intend to let the younger staff members with limited experiences to actively use the LN-100.
Using it, as an entry-level instrument, I hope for them to experience a sense of fulfillment in surveying."
"The LN-100, capable of measuring and handling 3D cooridinates, will also help our company's business grow," he said.


Toshiki Fukuda
Managing Director


Takeshi Imoto
Manager of Work Management section

Company: C-vil Co., Ltd.
Product: Layout Navigator LN-100