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10 days work done in half the time, with half the personnel


LN-100 actively utilized for topo survey in park improvement project.

Matsuo construction Co. Ltd., is a construction company in Ibaraki Pref., Japan, who specializes in region-based construction work of social facilities such as road and river improvement and water supply projects.
Pursuing improvement of work efficiency, they have introduced LN-100 for their job sites.

Needed to Improve topo survey efficiency with one-person operation.

Yukio Saita, senior manager, Construction Department, explained the decision to utlize LN-100.
"We are receiving more construction orders for park improvement, in addition to the construction of social facilities. Instead using manual type total stations, we were looking for a new method and equipment that can improve efficiency of surveying jobs and found the LN-100."
"We liked it and decided on purchasing one because of its easy set up features with a self-levelling function, one-person survey options, and the TopLayout control software which runs on my Android terminal with very intuitive and large icon menu displays," said Mr. Saita.

Four times improved work efficiency!

For efficiency improvement, Mr. Saita clarified, "Topo survey has been done by a crew with two or three people.
However, the LN-100 enables us to do this with only one person. This is achieved by very high prism tracking ability and immediate re-locking functionality, after losing the prism lock, to resume measurement.
Measuring work can be very speedily carried out. The work that formerly took 10 days with two people can be completed within five days and by only one person. Work efficiency is improved by four times over!
The lightweight outfit is also favorable since no communication device such as walky-talky is necessary."
They found work process management could also be improved.
"With the LN-100, measurement can be so speedily done and just one person can make measurement at any convenient time. This will make work schedule management more flexible. Especially, this should be helpful in bad weather season to adjust the work process," he said.

LN-100, an ideal instrument.
Recommendable to other construction companies.

In closing, Mr. Saita said, "The LN-100 is an ideal measuring instrument to improve our jobs and we are going to add more instruments. We have proven its efficiency for topo survey so far. For next step, we would try to apply the LN-100 also to the stakeout phase since the navigation screen for the stakeout looks simple to use and we expect a good performance as well.
"Since other construction companies in the neighborhood have become aware of our company's efficiency improvement with the LN-100, we are often asked about its usability. We tell them our experience as described here and some companies followed us and have already started using it," he said.
This attitude indicates his appreciation of the LN-100.


Yukio Saita
Senior Manager of
Construction Dept.

Company: Matsuo construction Co. Ltd.
Product: Layout Navigator LN-100