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LN-100 greatly improves efficiency at the construction site!


Easy and speedy measurement by one person improves overall quality of project execution.

The Nishiyama contractor is a general contractor in Hyogo prefecture, Japan.
This company, that is very active to introduce and apply the latest technology, such as the new soil improvement method, has started to use the Layout Navigator, LN-100 for their projects at the site.

LN-100 can change the work at the site!

Kimio Kitamura, deputy director, Engineering Department, and Hiroshi Kawahara, assistant manager, Engineering Department, explained their first impression of the LN-100 and reason why they decided to make use of it.
"When we saw the LN-100 for the first time at the exhibition last year, we were very much impressed on its performance with easy operation, speedy measurement, and one-person operation for layout and topo measurement projects. We were immediately convinced that by using the LN-100, we would be able to achieve a large improvement of work efficiency and cost savings," they said.
Before employing the LN-100, they were using a manual total station with two operators for their survey projects. With this method, they recognized a problem needing to be addressed regarding the length of time it took, depending on the skills of the prism person.

Easy one-person operation enables repeated checks

Masaya Takakuwa and Hitoshi Nakase, Engineering Department personnel, described the efficiency of using the LN-100.
"The most remarkable efficiency is that it enables one-person survey work. Holding a prism, the operator can make measurements by actually choosing and confirming the points, therefore, the measurement work can be speedily and very efficiently done. The saved time can be spent for the next project and the second person, formally needed, can carry out other tasks.
"Therefore, not only each individual work becomes more effective, but also, efficiency of the entire productivity at the site can be improved," they said.
"Since the measurement can be done so instantly, the execution results can be checked more frequently which achieves better overall quality."
The ordering company or organization also indicates favorable impressions.
"The control software, TopLayout, is well visualized and intuitive. This helps not only measuring and layout functions, but also, at attended inspections. The measured results can be shown to the inspector through easy to see and understand visual screens; therefore the inspection can be smoothly processed."

Expand the use of LN-100 within entire company

Mr. Kitamura concluded, "We found the LN-100 greatly improves work efficiency at the site. Its operation is so easy that even older workers can master quickly. We would extend its use widely within our company so that every field representative can utilize it."


Masaya Takakuwa
Engineering Dept.


Hitoshi Nakase
Engineering Dept.

Company: Nishiyama Contractor
Product: Layout Navigator LN-100