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Easy operation even without need of instructions


The LN-100 greatly improves efficiency of surveying jobs at housing land development site

Magara Construction Company is a general construction firm, founded in 1907 and headquartered in Kanazawa, Japan that has expanded its business throughout the country.
They have recently introduced the LN-100 for their measuring jobs at a housing land development project in Osaka.

Needed efficiency improvement of surveying jobs

Kazuhiko Ito, site manager, construction section, Osaka civil engineering department was considering how the company could improve efficiency of surveying jobs at their construction sites.
"We had been using total stations and performing surveying measurements with two people. To secure a skilled person in surveying at the right time in the project schedule could be difficult, and also, in other cases, measurement jobs did not go smoothly and took more time than planned, due to a difference in the experience of the instrument operator and prism person.
To address those problems, they found the LN-100 at an exhibition and immediately tried it out by themselves.
At the moment we tried using the LN-100, we got an intuition that this is the instrument what we were looking for!"

Impressively easy operation that anyone can operate only by one-person

Hideyo Shibano, construction section, uses the LN-100 daily and mentioned that he has seen the measuring efficiency is greatly improved.
"Soon after we started using the LN-100, I saw its advantages. The most efficient feature is the measurement can be done by only on person. Since no assisting person is needed, surveying measurement can be flexibly arranged by adjusting to the progress of my other jobs."
Very easy operation also helps carrying out the measurement efficiently, he said, "Instrument setup requires only putting the instrument on the tripod and turning the power on. This is extremely simple when compared with the total station. Since the guide light indicates the instrument's facing direction accurately, it is so easy to get into sighting direction and the instrument can lock on to the prism very quickly.
Especially for staking out jobs, we can start measurement much quicker than before with the total station. Tracking movement is so robust and the prism person does not need to worry so much if the instrument keeps tracking," he said.
"Operation of the control software, TopLayout is also easy and intuitive which gives no confusion during the operation. All of these provide very easy and simple performance, therefore, we did not need to even read its operation manual to master the operation.
In some cases, we needed to ask some other staff to perform measurement. Even the staff members with limited technology background could master its operation and perform the measurement.
Thanks to its simplicity, the LN-100 also enables us to repeat checking points frequently between the construction steps, which results in improvement of the finishing accuracy of our projects," he said.

Expanding use of the LN-100

Ito concluded, "We have introduced to our Tokyo branch office our experiences of work efficiency improvement using the LN-100, and they are now using it in their projects too.
"We will continue such improvement activities by spreading use of the LN-100 within our entire company."


Kazuhiko Ito
Site Manager
Construction Sec.
Osaka civil engineering Dept.


Hideyo Shibano
Construction Sec.
Osaka civil engineering Dept.

Company: Company: Magara Construction Co. Ltd.
Product: Layout Navigator LN-100