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IP-S2 Lite  Mobile Mapping System

IP-S2 Lite Product Movie

Mobile Mapping System IP-S2 Lite

  • Integrates 3D Video Image with GIS Database
  • Captures 360° Video with Positional Information While Driving
  • Camera Vector Technology Assigns 3D
    Coordinates to Video Images
  • Measurements can be taken on Video Screen
  • Generates 3D CG of Roadside Features
  • Overlays 3D CG on Video Image
  • Active Linkage with GIS Software

Mobile Mapping System Captures 360° Video Image while Driving

Camera Vector (CV) Technology

The CV-Technology assigns accurate 3D coordinates to every pixel in each video frame using camera vectors - vectors from the camera center. To calculate the camera vectors, three-dimensional camera positions and attitudes are determined by tracking the movements of multiple points in every frame. Utilizing a full scope of 360° spherical images that include points at a variety of elevations, the camera position and attitude can be accurately computed, maximizing precision of camera vectors.


CV-Image is defined as the video imagery of which pixels inall frames have 3D coordinate values.

IP-S2 Lite Sensor Unit

Three sensors - 360° camera, GPS and IMU - are integrated into a single block for easy mounting on a rooftop carrier of various vehicles.
Digital camera captures spherical video image, GPS receiver collects geographical location, and IMU (inertial measurement unit) monitors vehicle attitude while assisting positioning where GPS signals can be blocked.

Simple Configuration

The simplified system configuration requires only one laptop PC and an HDD (eSATA connection) inside the car.

Portable, Easy Mounting System

A hard carrying case secures the sensor units for transportation and storage. The system can be quickly mounted on and dismounted from a vehicle as needed.

Active Linkage with GIS software

Integration with GIS software
Sharing a common database, all operations and edits on video images are reflected upon digital maps of GIS software.

Measurement between 2 Points
Distance, height, tilt, and azimuth can be measured by clicking two points on the PC screen.

Points, Polylines, Polygons
Points, polylines and polygons can be traced on the PC screen and registered as spatial information.

Object Tag
Objects in the video images can be identified and registered with attribute information.

3D Coordinate Measurement
Point and click on video screen to check the 3D coordinate value of the point. Enables to measure a slope surface.

Overlaying CG
3D Computer Graphics can be overlaid onto the video images. Ideal for landscape simulations.

IP-S2 Lite Software

S2 Lite Controller - Data Collection Software -

Captures video images with a 360° camera, collects positional data with a GPS receiver and vehicle motion/attitude with an IMU.

S2 Lite MovieMaker - Spherical Movie Creator -

The MovieMaker generates a 360° spherical movie from captured video images.


By conducting GPS kinematic analysis (postprocessing) on the data, the absolute position accuracy can be improved.

S2 Lite 3DMaker - 3D Image Processor -

With the CV-Technology, the 3DMaker calculates camera vectors and generates CV-Image of which pixels in all frames have geo-referenced 3D coordinate values.

S2 Lite for A-GIS - Extension for ArcGIS -

Creates active linkage between the 3D video images and ArcGIS.

S2 Lite EX-GIS

Creates active linkage between 3D video images and GIS software. Development of the existing GIS software is reguired for S2 Lite EX-GIS application.

S2 Lite OrthoMaker

Makes simplified Ortho image.


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