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ScanMaster CAD Link

A new optional feature of ScanMaster - "ScanMaster CAD Link"

Perfect combination:AutoCAD® and ScanMaster provides tools for efficient, dynamic drawing

A new optional feature on ScanMaster - "ScanMaster CAD Link" - that facilitate the ability to "draw" objects from scan data is now available. With the ScanMaster CAD Link, ScanMaster and AutoCAD screens are displayed side-by-side for seamless operation, allowing an operator to easily draw objects efficiently from data collected by Topcon's GLS-1500.

Viewing angle of ScanMaster and AutoCAD can be aligned

The viewing angle of ScanMaster and AutoCAD can be aligned in the same directions.
Comparison between drawing and the original point-cloud data is instant and effortless.

Synchronizing Views of ScanMaster and AutoCAD

Enlargement, reduction and/or moving of the created objects on the ScanMaster screen are synchronized with ones drawn on AutoCAD screen, allowing for real-time checking.

Sending Ortho-images as a background
UCS(User Coordinate System) will be set automatically

Ortho-image of scan data in current view can be sent to AutoCAD to use as a background image.
The "Send Ortho-image" function sets UCS (User Coordinate System) so that new X-Y plane for drawing is parallel to the ortho-image plane.

Sending Existing Objects

Drawing data of object created by the rich function of ScanMaster can be sent to AutoCAD.
Drawing / Editing functions of ScanMaster

  • Points
  • Sections
  • Contours
  • Meshes
  • Scans
  • Polylines
  • Edge sets
  • Tie points ( as points)
  • Planes
  • Scan positions ( as points)
  • Clouds

Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view PDF formatted files.
Adobe Reader is distributed freely by Adobe Systems.

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