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Field Controller FC-250

  • Windows Mobile 6.5
  • 806MHz High speed CPU
  • 1 GB Internal memory
  • Standard Wireless LAN
  • Optional RS-1 SS radio
  • Optional RS-1B Bluetooth Class 1
  • SD/SDHC card
  • Numerous applications
  • Rugged with IP66 standard environmental proofing

Versatile Interfaces

FC-250 is equipped with multiple interfaces: Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, optional SS radio, USB ports (Type A, Type Mini-B), SD card, CF card and serial ports to support positioning equipments such as GNSS and total stations.

Image Transfers through Wireless LAN

With the standard Wireless LAN, high-speed image transfers to the FC-250 makes "One-man imaging observation" possible combined with the IS. A more intuitive operation is now possible through the use of images.

Field Controller Software "TopSURV"

TopSURV delivers the power to simplify and speed up data collection and delivery. Its graphical user interface and intuitive operation helps you conduct the trickiest tasks on the controller and on board. Real-time re-computation of recorded data puts an end to time-wasting operations.


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