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Reflectorless Total Station GPT-3500LN / LNW

  • Class1 Safe Pulse Laser EDM
  • Laser Pointer for Reflectorless Measurement and Layout
  • Point Guide for Stakeout/Layout
  • 24-Key Alphanumeric Keyboard
  • Versatile Onboard Applications Including Road
  • Rugged IP66 Dust and Water Protection

Powerful 2,000m Reflectorless EDM

A refinement of Topcon's advanced time-of-flight (pulse) EDM technology in the GPT-3500 allows measuring distances up to 2,000m (6,550 ft.) range without a reflector.
This wide range reflectorless capability enables quick and efficient measuring works in the large area. Also, it increases personal safety without approaching dangerous surface.

Reflectorless Measuring for Any Targets

Powerful reflectorless measuring capability even for narrow object such as power line or tower frame of power line.
Also, it can measure low reflection target like road and ground surface, wood, coal, and any dark color materials.

TopField / Road Software with Alphanumeric Keyboard

The onboard "TopField" and "Road" software dramatically increases efficiency in topo data collection, construction layout, as well as road stakeout tasks.
The 24-key alphanumeric keyboard allows for quick inputting of point numbers, codes, attributes, and other necessary data.


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