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Geodetic Total Station GT Series

  • The world's fastest! *
  • The world's smallest! *
  • The world's lightest! *
  • World's first Internet-connecte (IoT) total station! *
  • Highest quality in class!
    *As robotic total station, by our research on January 2016.

Exclusive TSshield technology built-in

Before using the GT series, it is necessary to perform the user registration to activate the TSshield.Please click here and read the registration manual.

The next generation total station TOPCON GT

The world's fastest!*
UltraSonic motor and direct drive system!

Accomplished world's fastest turning speed of 180° per second with UltraSonic motor and direct drive system. This also contributes to ultraslim body.

The world's smallest!*
Redesigned ultra-slim body!


GT is designed by reviewing of the basis and redesigned to the world's smallest total station.

The world's lightest!*
Accomplished weight-saving, 5.7 kg motor drive total station!


GT is a third smaller than any previous Topcon robotic instrument and the same weight as a manual total station -- providing easy carrying and setup at a project site.

World's first Internetconnected (IoT) total station!*
Integrated cellular modem. Total station now with Internet-connectivity!


GT is fully connected with cellular modem and wireless LAN. This allows direct connectivity to MAGNET® Enterprise and provides you close connection between a project site and office staff and managers.

Highest quality in class!
Passes various environmental test with Topcon quality!


Tough designed GT, passes impact, vibration, high-temperature, and humidity testing -- provides consistent performance at any harsh environments.

Versatile functions




Enhanced prism-tracking strength under any conditions in case you lose the line-of-sight by interruption or strong sunlight.
Even if a prism lock is lost, you can easily turn GT and reacquire the prism with RC-5 and go back to work smoothly.



Precise measurement can be done by just "Rough Aim" and "Press Trigger button" without lens focus and other operations.
Auto-collimating provides consistent accuracy and speed regardless of operator's skill levels and condition.

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