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Onboard Station OS-200 series

  • High performance EDM for rapid, repeatable measurements
  • Modern, intuitive onboard MAGNET® Field software
  • Convenient EDM trigger key
  • Reflectorless laser measurement

Before using the instrument, it is necessary to perform user registration.

Please click here and read the registration manual.

Professional results
from basic to advanced applications

OS-200 Survey

OS-200 Construction

Improve topography and stake out with features to achieve faster and more efficient workflows

Newly Designed High-Performance Class EDM

Especially effective in surveying control points that require high-accuracy, and in cross sectional surveying in large areas with reflectorless measurement mode.

OS-200 EDM

Total Station Line up

Total station line up

Discover MAGNET Field features and benefits.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Advanced roading tool set
  • Vast library of Import / Export file formats
  • Calculate, contour, and compare surfaces
  • Surface staking with automatic Digital Terrain Model creation
  • Colorized cut and fill indicators, as well as volume calculations
  • Direct connectivity to your private Company Account for easy data exchange and quick chat
  • Microsoft Bing MapsR for real-time images behind your points, lines, and imported design files

Guide Light System

GUide light

Anybody can move to Stake Out Line easily.
Green and Red colored lights will show you the direction to move.

Green light/Red light

Target Key & Screw System

Target Key & Screw System

By using tangent screws for sighting, you can measure a distance with a single-button click. Work efficiently and increases productivity for sighting task such as Stake Out, Topography, and Elevation Stakes.


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