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Sighting error eliminated, productivity increased


Sokkia DX-101AC - the most suitable product for checking pile deformation

Please introduce your company.

DBM Geotechnics and Constructions Pvt. Ltd. is an engineering services company engaged in providing its services for foundation engineering, geotechnical services, marine construction, mineral exploration, topographical survey and hydrographic survey.

Why did you choose the DX-101AC?

For auto pointing purposes (center point of prism) and pile load testing.

How do you use the DX-101AC?

We use this instrument for pile load testing by fixing a permanent prism on structures. With the changing of loads, we measure the deformation and displacement of piles automatically at certain intervals of time.
We also use this instrument for traverse/control point work with auto pointing functionality.

How did you improve your work productivity?

With this instrument, we eliminate human sighting error.


Company: DBM Geotechnics & Constructions Pvt. Ltd.
Objective: Jetty Projects
Location: Agardanda, Maharashtra, India
Project: Positioning and Monitoring of Pile
Instrument: DX-101AC
Dealer: Britek Instruments Pvt. Ltd.