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Speed of surveying doubled!


Effectively surveying the site of a large project

Please introduce your company.

TDI Infrastructure Ltd. is a New Delhi based company and we are developers working on a town planning project with 6,000 acres of land in the Sonipat district. The project includes malls, shopping complex, residential and commercial buildings etc. We have approximately 9 projects at present.

Why did you choose the DX-101AC?

We chose Sokkia DX model because we have used conventional total stations in the past, but because this project is large with tight deadlines, we wanted a motorized machine with good accuracy and fast measurements.
- MANISH VATS, Chief Surveyor

How do you use the DX-101AC?

We use the DX-101AC for regular survey jobs like traverse, topography and layout. Our main application is to create layout points with high accuracy.
- MANISH VATS, Chief Surveyor

How did you improve your work productivity?

With conventional total stations we could take 500-600 points in topography mode, whereas with the DX-101AC we can take around 900-1,000 points in same amount of time, because of the auto-pointing feature. Layout time is also reduced because of the motorized feature.
- MANISH VATS, Chief Surveyor


Company: TDI Infrastructure Ltd.
Objective: Developement of TDI City
Location: Sonipat, Haryana, India
Project: TDI City, Kundli
Instrument: DX-101AC
Subsidiary/Dealer: Topcon Sokkia India Pvt. Ltd.