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Minimum effort, maximum output


The DX-101AC helps save time and reduces job pressure.

Please introduce your company.

The West Bengal Mineral Development and Trading Corporation Limited (WBMDTC Ltd), is a wholly owned by the Govt. of West Bengal Undertaking within the Commerce and Industries Department. Incorporated in the year 1973, it is engaged in the field of mining and trading of minerals in the State of West Bengal, India. The company is managed by a board of directors nominated by the state government and group of well-trained engineers, officers, staff and work force.

Why did you choose the DX?

It's a nice Instrument. In our mining industry, volume calculation is one of the most important and vital jobs for us. With the DX, we are able to get the volume calculation within a minute by applying some simple steps with this Instrument. The auto search option is also another very helpful feature for our work. In mining sites, visibility is poor due to heavy dust; the auto pointing feature makes it easy to sight the prism accurately in difficult conditions. It eliminates human error, thus making the measurement more accurate and the result accurate and satisfactory. Thank you DX Series, thank you Sokkia.
- BISWAJIT GHOSH, Chief Surveyor

How do you use the DX?

We collect numerous points in desired grids through the mesh scanning operation in a short time span. This makes the volume calculation more precise and acceptable. With its long range reflectorless measurement of 1000 meters, the topographical survey of our mines can be easily and quickly completed. The auto pointing feature is also very important for conducting accurate traversing.
- BISWAJIT GHOSH, Chief Surveyor

How did you improve your work productivity?

It helps us to save time and it reduce job pressure. Less man-power is required, as we can rely on the long reflectorless range capability of the instrument. Another important feature is with the on-board MAGNET® program, we can complete line-work, line-joining, layer-work, and direct exports to the *.dwg format. This enables the quick completion of field-to-office topographical plotting, reducing the need to maintain and rough field sketches.
- RANAJIT PAL, Asst. Manager (Mines)


Company: West Bengal Mineral Development and Trading Co., Ltd.

Objective: Black Stone
Location: Pachmi, Birbhum, West Bengal, India
Project: Pachami Hathgacha Stone Mines
Instrument: DX-101AC
Subsidiary/Dealer: Topcon Sokkia India Pvt. Ltd.