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"Speed" is always good.


SOKKIA iX: Making Every Job a Good Job

Nagayasu Kogyo Co., Ltd. is a construction company that undertakes civil engineering projects in its home city of Soka and the rest of Saitama Prefecture, as well as for central government agencies. The company engages mainly in social infrastructure improvement, and has received numerous awards from various municipalities. We spoke with Nagayasu Kogyo regarding their introduction of the One Man Surveying System made possible by pairing an iX-1005 automatic tracking total station with an RC-PR5 remote control system.

Focus on New Technology for Increasing Efficiency

"We focus on new technology to keep our company moving forward," Nagayasu Kogyo Representative Director Nagamasa Oneda said. The company has proactively adopted ICT construction machinery and other state-of-the-art technology, and their stance is the same for construction work as well as surveying. "The number of engineers we send to each job site is limited," Oneda said. "Therefore, efficiency is vital for surveying as well as other operations."
In the past, Nagayasu Kogyo typically sent two engineers to perform surveying work. Navigating to the survey points took a lot of time, and sometimes residents complained about the noise from the engineers communicating verbally with each other. For the engineers, surveying was stressful as well as time-consuming. Several years ago, Nagayasu Kogyo began using an automatic tracking total station to address these problems. They saw the efficiency of their surveying work improve, and recently added the iX-1005 as a second station to create a One Man Surveying System.

The Immeasurable Effects of the One Man Surveying System

Takayuki Sasaki actually used the One Man Surveying System on a project to improve a school's athletic field, and spoke about how the system changed the nature of the surveying work. "From the way the work progressed, I realized that it was possible for one person to do the surveying work," Sasaki said. "The biggest advantages are that the work does not need to be interrupted, and there is no need for any other workers to be frozen in place. In addition, with this system, the work can be done in the dim light of the early morning and late evening hours, so we are no longer squeezed for time."
Representative Director Oneda also feels that the adoption of the system has been very effective. "We have enjoyed many advantages since adopting the system, and it has gone beyond doubling productivity because one engineer can do the work of two," Oneda said. "We can assign that second engineer to other jobs, survey larger areas and more locations in one day due to the time savings, and shorten construction schedules because we do not need to interrupt other construction work. Once applied throughout the company, the benefits are so large that they are immeasurable."
Both Oneda and Sasaki also have positive impressions of the iX. "The first things that impressed me were the speed of the equipment and the high level of the tracking capacity," Oneda said. "Even when we lose the lock on the prism, the iX responds so quickly that we can pair it with an RC-PR5 remote control system to redirect it instantly. We can get through the surveying work quite quickly now. In addition, the equipment is small and lightweight. It's easy to carry around."

Improving Motivation to Work Hard

Representative Director Oneda shared his thoughts on the kind of company he wants Nagayasu Kogyo to be. "I want us to finish our work quickly so that we can rest up fully," Oneda said. "I also want to send new employees out on interesting jobs as soon as possible to give them motivation to work hard. These are more reasons why we will do what it takes to continue to adopt the latest technology."

On this very day, Oneda will send a new employee out to work with the iX. His palpable sincerity and earnestness are sure to reverberate throughout the industry.


nagayasu_iX_001_E.jpgNagamasa Oneda, Representative Director
Takayuki Sasaki

Company :Nagayasu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Product :intelligence X-ellence Station iX-1005